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dVerse Poets Pub again—this time with a post-modern extravaganza, wherein Anna Montgomery introduces us:

to some aspects of contemporary poetry throughout this series. This time we’ll focus on the postmodern view that the high/low cultural distinction is fallacious. To explore this we’ll investigate the work of some of the New York Poets. ‘The New YorkSchool of poetry began around 1960 inNew York City and included poets such as John Ashbery, Barbara Guest, Kenneth Koch, and Frank O’Hara. Heavily influenced by surrealism and modernism, the poetry of the New YorkSchool was serious but also ironic, and incorporated an urban sensibility into much of the work. Abstract expressionist art was also a major influence, and the New YorkSchool poets had strong artistic and personal relationships with artists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning.’

Do read Anna’s interesting write-up on a fascinating aspect of modern American (world) poetry.

Guess I’ll play with some post-modern work of my own. See how this works. As usual I can’t get it to show on the blog—my post-modern sentences running right off the page!

Click on the title below for the proper PDF version.

Odious Odysseus Mind Your Ss


If comparisons are odious
Then why are these my words
Any different than His—his majesty’s
Abstract expressionistic work
Which I do not dislike   (even if Humanity doesn’t understand it)

. . .