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As I said in my comment to today’s prompt at @dVersePoetsPub:

You ought to know that I am in deep trouble when I begin to rhyme “adorn” with “sweet corn” or, behold, a “French horn”. Of course, I won’t blame it on my inability to rhyme, after all I’m such a pretentious language poet 🙂  Or, better still, it’s just too darn late here in Spain—midnight when I get these “fun” assignments from my @dVerse buddies, oh these gluttons for punishment. Seriously, this is fun…like…like that proverbial orthodontist visit. 🙂 Great fun. Thanks guys.

But, in truth, I had never heard of a “Than Bauk”, a poetic form from Burma. And it surely is an interesting composition, albeit not an easy one. It is amazing what some poets can do wit h it. Raivenne shows us some amazing examples.

Mine, below, is a sad attempt and teaches me that form can be difficult and most challenging. A lot of fun, surely.

For all this form
I perform knowing
I’ve done little

Brittle my words
I’ll say forlorn

In vocalized scorn
My stillborn voice
Is worn sad quiet.