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dVerse Poet’s Pub at work again. This time Natasha Head inspires us with some ghostly, ghoulish ideas and things. Lots of fun. & inspiring, mind you. So here we go—can’t get the lines to print right here, as usual. Sorry that I have to put these in PDF. A little (tiny) excerpt then you can click the title below to follow:

Witch goes Tiny

Witch, cast-speller divine? Found
This tiny[1] witch hiding up in the corner of the attic
Thought she was a spider—maybe
(Though it could’ve of been a warlock He!)
Such was the distance, the angle[2],     & the darkness
Or some tiny bird with tinny-weenie-tiny feathers covering her face
Redundantly swinging to & fro, you dust your tiny dress
& laugh at me just so precisely

. . .

[1] It was Tiny—nothing else—not minute or miniscule or plain small & certainly not                                                                                                    insignificant!
[2] Or an angel from that angle un-precise as such was the fear & fear it was.