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Charenton by Chus Pato,
Translated by Erín Moure

A thank you to Ron Silliman for getting me to re-read the work of a local poet of ours, the fellow Galician Chus Pato. Reading some of her poems in English is refreshing—Erin Moure’s translations are quite good and strong—not an easy task when moving from Galician to English with their different sounds and cadences.

I will have to return to Pato’s work, yet again; it is strangely original and worthy of notice. Thanks, Ron.

My Big Aha for 2012 is this Galician separatist adult education teacher producing the most intense literature on a world scale in a language most Americans have never even heard about. In Pato’s work, Sade, Kafka, Benjamin & the working poor of northwest Spain come face to face in ways that are totally surprising & feel completely right. Imagine what Roberto Bolaño might have been like had he believed in his own politics or taken feminism (or poetry) seriously! Pato is extraordinarily fortunate–and so are we–to have Erín Moure as her English language translator. These are masterful volumes, thoughtful, funny, thoroughly political & superbly conceived. And again, the majority of these books are global collaborations between Shearsman & publishers in the West. Still to be translated: five early books and 2010’s Nacer é unha república de árbores.

Chus Pato, trans. Erín Moure | Secession | Zat-So | 2012

Chus Pato, trans. Erín Moure | Hordes of Writing | Shearsman / Buschekbooks | 2011

Chus Pato, trans. Erín Moure | m-Talá | Shearsman / Buschekbooks | 2009

Chus Pato, trans. Erín Moure | Charenton | Shearsman / Buschekbooks | 2007

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