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Fragment from Democritus & Heraclitus

by Rubens Posted by Hello

Transcribed by Heraclitus (565 BCE) from the Hidden Scriptures of the Greek*:


When the flash shot through the last layers of cloud (noiseless) all the inhabitants

of the earth described it the same at the same time: Golden rush of fire. From here

only a handful of our people saw the flicker. The recordings of those last words—

Golden rush of fire—came later and later still as echoes from the void. Meaningless.

Like that earth we can see no more. After its usual investigation the Hon. Council

of the Learned pronounced: the wise finally agree—as poetry it was not worth it.


*Suggested Reading: Mourelatos, Alexander P. D. “Heraclitus, Parmenides, and the Naive Metaphysics of Things.” Exegesis and Argument. Ed. E. N. Lee et al. Assen: Van Gorcum, 1973. 16-48.