I said I’d pick one day from my notebooks, randomly, not just a day I might like. I thought this was the way to take Eduardo’s challenge. Turned out to be a shitty idea. The day in question –17 April 2003– contains random poetry drafts. Shit! But those are the rules. Moroever, the drafts are in Galician so I have to translate, which is neither fun nor good, but something we multiple-personality folk must deal with. Three fragments:

Today is liberation day

for plants and flowers.

Started with open windows

letting branch air fill lungs.

Liberated throwing lilies

from rooftops. Busted pots!

Heard the breathing of roots.

Put my ear to the ground:

applauding blades of grass.


I took fear out of my body.

Took it with me for a row

in a night with no moon.

(Not a moonless night.)

I showed it phosphorescence

floating, passing, floating.

Blinked an eye to the sea.

(Calm fellow, no spume.)

We promised to take it all

and fear.


You make me laugh, child.

Bucket after bucket

emptying out the sea.

When the metal hits bottom

look to the sky. Deep.